Case Study #1

Cult Snacks – Beef Jerky
United Source reduces costs, improves distribution volumes using its project management services.

“As in any business, the complexity involved can be daunting. Upon initial work with Mike Giordano and company, I found that he was extremely knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise in a professional manner. In short, working alongside his company shows his leadership skills, knowledge of intricacies of the market and talent in taking a concept in business to high level execution. I would recommend Mike and his team to any aspiring businessperson.”

Dave Chappelle, Owner/CEO Steer Snacks – Manufacturer of Pure Bull Protein

Benefits Summary

  • Collaborated with designers to create the new consumer facing brand artwork for Cult Snacks – Beef Jerky
  • Utilized network of international polybag suppliers to reduce costs of product packaging
  • Increased sales volumes across the supply chain by engaging key distribution relationships.

The Challenge

The challenge of a boutique owner operated manufacturing business is to scale growth while keeping the artisan quality of the products being made.  There is often a shortage of resources, be it money, time, personnel, space or all of the above, and the owner almost always wears all of the hats until the company’s organizational chart is built out with the right people in the right positions.

The Solution

Identifying the goals of the owner is a foundation to which everything else can be calculated.  In this case, Dave’s passion was to deliver high quality healthy protein snacks.  We discussed the amount of cost, space and time it would take to scale the production up 300% where the company could financially justify getting a bigger space, more efficient equipment, additional personnel while decreasing cost of goods by purchasing in bulk directly from the source.  This would allow for the business to reach a level of financial self-sufficiency and increase the chances to bid on larger volume opportunities that were not previously available due to a lack of competitive costs and pricing.


The results of this approach have created opportunities with major e-comm catalog outlets, brick and mortar retail shops and pro sports arenas where Steer Snacks has the option to sell their house brand, as well as offer a custom branded version of their products as they did for Cult Snacks all as a result of combining their hard work with the services of United Source.