United Source is a family owned and operated product sourcing and procurement company with more than 25 years in the consumer-packaged goods and durable goods industry. Our clients are owner operated manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors who use our services as an extension of their purchasing and supply chain logistics teams. We also work with social media content creators via our platform to build their brand with custom products and distribution.

Customized product design, sourcing, sampling, branding, packaging, and distributing are all necessities of a successful product launch. We provide guidance through each step of this process to assure successful execution. The result: The value you receive exceeds the time and money you invest. Contact us today to discuss your next project with United Source.

Why Should I Contact United Source?

  •  Bring concepts to creation for products, packaging or brands.

  •  Find new suppliers to bid on your projects

  •  Get assistance with negotiating better prices or higher quality

Access to our team’s resources will help you:

  • Have your product manufactured

  • Build your distribution pipeline

  • Have access to project management services

United Source

” From the age of 15 I remember wanting to be involved in business in some way. When I turned 18, I decided not to go to college because I could no longer sit still to learn.  So I went to work for an electronic components distributor where I learned everything I needed to know about what we do today.  At 26 years old, I started my own business in New York and often found myself working with friends and family.  ‘Pursuing education through experience’ has become a core value that we practice and promote every day. There is something about the challenge of solving problems for our client partners that gives us a sense of accomplishment like no other. When we do our job successfully, the results build the most remarkable relationships. Clients become friends, and friends become family. It makes all of the grind worthwhile. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We’re looking forward to partnering with you.”

Mike Giordano, Founder – United Source

United Source provides full service product fulfillment from concept to creation and beyond. As our client, we manage the entire project for you which allows the value to greatly exceed the time and money invested. As a result, you spend more of your time doing what you do best: Serving your customers.

United Source

“As in any business, the complexity involved can be daunting. Upon initial work with Mike Giordano and company, I found that he was extremely knowledgeable and willing to share his expertise in a professional manner.  In short, working alongside his company shows his leadership skills, knowledge of intricacies of the market and talent in taking a concept in business to high level execution. I would recommend Mike and his team to any aspiring businessperson.”

Dave Chappelle, Owner/CEO Steer Snacks - Manufacturer of Pure Bull Protein

“As a family owned boutique coffee roaster, Koffee Kult puts all of its resources into making the best possible coffee it can.  United Source has helped create new distribution channels that weren’t previously available to us.  As a result, more people can now have access to our products and enjoy what we work so hard to accomplish.  With their relationship network, we have already begun discussing franchising opportunities.  We are excited to have United Source as a partner.”

Jamie Mardis , Founder & CEO - Koffee Kult

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