Services engaged: Procurement and Distribution

A potential client was looking for a way to help artists from Havana, Cuba relocate to the United States and help them build their skills.  United Source, acting as curator built up a collection of original oil and acrylic art on canvas that now totals more than 100 original works of art.  We then arranged the art to be applied to products in various industries for distribution to help spread the word and gain exposure for the artists.

Embargo Art Collection

The Embargo Collection features art from the island of Cuba by renowned and emerging Cuban artists. Cuban art incorporates influences from African, European and North American cultures that contribute to the diverse cultural make up of the island nation – and the collection featured in the Embargo Collection Gallery.

Cuban art is known for its dramatic colors, creativity and emotional expression, but due to political oppression and a lengthy economic embargo, Cuban Art was largely absent from international exhibitions until the mid-1980’s, and even then, only a fraction was on display.

Many were forced to defect from their native-homeland to pursue their passion, but others stayed behind and created under the employ and strict scrutiny of the Cuban government. It is only recently that the rest of the world can enjoy the deep passion and emotion of these talented individuals; and that passion is on display in the Embargo Collection.

Each unique work of art captures the artists’ personality, and their deepest feelings – expressed through their art. Visit our Gallery and explore Arte de Cuba and feel the passion of the Cuban culture expressed as art on canvas.

Below are some examples of pieces in the portfolio